King Henry II & Queen Elizabeth

The King and Queen attended our Joyous Occasion. After the ceremony they approached and the Queen  presented us with a Rose while speaking these words.....

The bud of this Rose first being red does symbolize True Love. But you will notice the Rose has Thorns  and like in life you will encounter Thorns in your path.
Know you Good Gentles that like the Rose your Love sends out it's beauty and it's perfume to all that have seen it. And yet as in life we do encounter Thorns from time to time, but knowing Roses if you remove the Thorns from the stem you force it into full bloom.
Therefore this is our charge unto you both this day, take this Rose as a symbol of your Love and together with Tenderness, Love Patience and Care remove the Thorns from your life. In so doing you will force your Love into Full Bloom for all these witnesses to see. They will know by its fragrance that your Love is Mature and has come to fruition.

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