The Bishop Speaks;

In celebration of this most joyous occasion on this  6th day of April in the year of our lord, 2002 we will witness the union of Lord Paul Styrcula and Lady Cas Sambets in keeping with the traditions of our beloved King Henry II and Queen Elizabeth we shall close the boundaries and seal out evil. This will be done by those that witness today to gather ye round to insulate Lord Paul and Lady Cas. This will be done by our deeds here today to gather round and also by our might in the circle of the swords signified by the Knights of the Round Table from that stems the serenity of thine great kingdom and that which reeks havoc and ruin to thine enemies. Honor and glory be.... Bestowed upon thee this day in this joyous occasion. These families we will unite and for those that might be heard ...planting the seeds of greatness.

Our Wedding Pictures