The Ceremony began with the Town Crier........

Hear ye… hear ye… my lords & ladies gather round.
For in this Realm today is much ado, Yea… tis a momentous day.

Come lay witness to a grand event, The union of the gallant Lord Paul Styrcula of the land of Brandon from across the bay, And the lovely Lady Cas Sambets, of thine own Saint Petersburg. 

The lady Cas; Daughter of Sir James of the aristocratic McGinty family of Glasgow Scotland. And Lady Arlene of the royal Von Selteneck family of Cologne Germany.

Lord Paul; Son of Duke Wallace of the royal Styrcula family of Tarnoff Poland 
And Duchess Jeanette of the royal Haduke family of Dubchus Poland.

My lords and ladies, for this event thou must be present, 
As history today shall be made in the joining of these two fine and noble families.

Come ye now or forever be forsaken, For this union of hearts shall take place right here! Right now!!

After Mark Spoke Raferty the Piper started playing while Sir Dennis & Sir Jerry brought in the Family Crest. Then Lord Paul with his son Andrew the Ring Bearer by his side began the walk up the Arch of swords to where he would await for the arrival of The Lady Cas.

Our Wedding Pictures