These are the People that Made Our Dream Come True a Heart Felt Thanks To You All.

It might be a bit obvious that we love the romance of this period in time. Taking our vows at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Florida, surrounded by family and friends was both romantic and exciting. Lord Paul and Lady Cas sends their Heart Felt Thanks to all of their Honored Guests for joining us in period Costumes and participating in the Festival on this very special day. Without all of your support Our Fantasy would not have become Reality.

Our flower girl Jackie Styrcula Paulís niece 

Lady Cas & Escorts Justin and Gerard Sambets Cas's sons escorted her  through an arch of swords.

Maid of Honor Dorothy McGinty

Her Ladyship's Seamstress & Maiden Dame Barbara Walker

Sir Dennis Hoffman Lord Paul's First Knight was the Best Man. Sir Jerry Walker was an Usher. Dame Ellen Hoffman The Seamstress made Lord Paul's, Sir Dennis's & her own Costume. Andy stood by his fatherís side as the ring bearer.

 Lord Paul's Usher & The First Knight Sir Jerry Walker & Sir Dennis Hoffman

The Groom & Ring bearer Lord Paul & Andrew Styrcula

His Lordship's Seamstress Dame Ellen Hoffman

Our good friend Charles Calandra Played The Bishop and performed the ceremony.

The Parents of Her Ladyship Sir James & Lady Arlene McGinty

 The Parents of His Lordship Duke Wallace & Duchess Jeanette Styrcula

Sir Mark Zornes  was The Town Crier & Dame Carole Zornes was Ringer of The Chime.

The Unity Candle Ceremony

During the ceremony We, along with Justin, Gerard, Andy and Irene lit a Unity candle, celebrating our new family. The unity candle ceremony represents the union of the two families. The Bride,  Groom and their children lit the individual tapers to bring the Flames together to light the larger column. This is similar to a Celtic ceremony in which fire from the hearths of the homes of both families is used to start a fire in the newlyweds' home

Afterward, we had a kingís Feast, and minstrels to entertain our guests.  There was plenty of time for everyone to stroll through the festival. We rejoined as a group at The Joust to watch good win over evil!

Our Wedding Pictures

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