Sir James  McGinty and Duchess Jeanette Styrcula

 On July 13, 1894 Cas’s great grandmother and grandfather were married. Their Wedding featured a card bearing a poem composed by the bride’s brother. The opening poem was read by Sir James Mc Ginty;

Listen to a friendly word from a friend as true as steel,
who trod the path you tread today, and felt the hopes you feel.
The same ambitions stirred my blood that now your bosoms warm,
I envy not to you the prize, for love has got its charms.”

You both shun falsehood as a plague, be honest, candid and true,
Let love be your chief motive force of all you say and do.
Between the posts of duty walk, and keep the goal in sight,
Be undisturbed by praise or blame, trust god and do what’s right.

To you I say that youth and hope are on your side today,
That health is yours and also strength to conquer in the sway.
It may be so, but if life’s eve to both be calm and bright,
In happy days of youth and song, trust god and do what’s right.

Should troubles come upon your path and things go strangely wrong,
Fear not, but Lift your hearts in prayer, and in the lord be strong.
Against misfortunes of this life, like your great master-fight,
Come what may In work or play, trust god, and do what’s right.

The Duchess Jeanette Styrcula read a special poem called You Love The Roses So Do We.

You love the roses - so do we!
Today, we wish for the sky to rain down roses, Why not?
Then all the faire would be pink, red and white, And oh so soft to tread on.
They would fall as light as feathers Smelling sweet, a blessing.
As it would be like sleeping and yet waking all at once.

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