Now that the lines have been all laid out on the walls they will serve as a guide for you to paint a 1 inch wide stripe of primer. We used a 1 inch wide roller for this job. You will need to make sure to paint on the same side of the vertical and horizontal lines so you can still see the lines next to your painted line. You will need to see the drawn lines to line up the tape you will be placing on the painted line.    

This procedure is necessary to seal the new Drywall where you will be placing the tape.  Otherwise the tape will pull the paper surface off of the Drywall, later when removing the tape from the masked mortar line. Why not prime the whole wall first you ask? Because the texture surface material we are using will not stick to primer. If your walls are already primed you will need to use a different technique.

Mortar lines in block do not have to be exact so close is good enough. Now wait for the primer to dry thoroughly. Next we will apply the masking tape.

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