All you need is a level, chalk line and lots of help. We choose to make the blocks 17" wide and 10" tall and the mortar line 3/4". Take your time laying out the pattern so you don't have any short or small blocks at any window or door opening. That includes where the floor or ceiling meets the wall. You can also adjust the height and width of the block to fit your room. Don't count on the room being square use your level and chalk line to start your own first row of blocks.

I Suggest you invest in a new Laser level it will make the job easier and save you time laying out the room. Also don't forget the mortar lines when laying out the block pattern. You will be using masking tape on the mortar lines. The size of the mortar line will depend on the width of the tape that's available to you. One more thing the cheaper white masking tape that does not stick as well is better for this job as you will see, because the blue tape could pull up the surface under it.

Once I had the horizontal lines laid out I used a strip of wood as long as the length of  a block plus 3/4 of an inch for the mortar line as a template. Then all my helpers had to do is go along the lines and make marks and connect them vertically. My son Lord Andrew Laid out the bottom, My Wife Lady Cas Laid out the middle and I Lord Paul Laid out the top.

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