An Ode to The Bolts
by Amy Kowalski

Once upon a time, in the Land of Sun and Sea,
Far from the frozen North, where Hockey came to be,
A wizard conjured up a team, and called them Tampa Bay,
He struck a Bolt upon their chests, and said to them "Let's Play!"

The Quest began on slushy ice, amidst the cows and pigs,
Then moved into a baseball dome, en route to Palace digs.
They toiled amongst the lesser folk, each April ending badly,
A few earned our respect and love, like Dino, Cullen and Bradley.

The players came and went at times, it seemed a revolving door,
But plug away they did each year, always seeking more.
And then along came Mr. D, who without much preamble,
Brought in a guy to run the show, a guy named Ronald Campbell.

Along with his appointed crew, they righted a listing ship,
And found Coach Tortorella, to take us on this trip.
The tide began to turn it seemed, when Andy came to play,
When guys took note of how it's done, as their Captain led the way.

They each stood up to take their place, none bigger than St. Louie,
Many doubted it could be done, and Canada said "Oh Phooey!"
These guys can not win The Cup, they've only just begun,
The Bolts said, "You just shut your yap, and watch us have some fun!"

With Kuby on the point each night, and Habby in the net,
We got to watch our Lightning guys, play their best games yet.
Though black and blue their faces were, they skated each night with pride.
An MVP our Richey is, with Vinny at his side.

Twelve short years was all it took, to reach their ultimate goal.
Tampa was the team to beat, and all failed in that role.
Through Isles, Habs, Flyers and Flames, all eyes were on the clock,
When Tampa Bay did raise the Cup, the Forum started to rock.

Thanks boys for such a job well done, you're better than the best!
Enjoy, have fun and don't forget to take some time to rest.
We'll be here waiting in the fall, your loyal Lightning fans,
Enjoying every minute watching Stanley get a tan!

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