A Dedication to September 11, 2001

Message From The Governor of New York George Pataki. In New York City and across New York State, people continue to pull together with a shared sense of purpose to fully recover, both emotionally and economically, from the September 11th attacks.

Artist renderings of the new World Trade Center design

In many parts of New York City, and for many people, life has returned to normal. But for Lower Manhattan, a complete return to normalcy will take a great deal of time and hard work. That is why we created the Lower Manhattan  Development Corporation to oversee our rebuilding efforts. This joint State and City corporation has powers similar to the successful corporation thatís bringing about the historic revitalization of Times Square.

There are many good ideas and thoughtful visions about what should replace the building that collapsed, especially the Twin Towers. Iím confident that this generation of New Yorkers, like the generations that came before us, will once
again make Lower Manhattan the worthy envy of the world.

But as we work to rebuild Ground Zero, we must also honor those who died in the  way they deserve to be honored.
For we must never forget that Ground Zero is, as Lincoln said about Gettysburg, ďa final resting place for those who gave their lives that a nation might live.Ē

For more information on the new design of the World Trade Center Click Here:  Studio Daniel Libeskind

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